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Sleek and Stylish Fitted Glass Wardrobes by Topnotch Kitchens and Bedrooms.

Elevate your space with our modern and sophisticated glass wardrobes. These sleek and stylish closets create a sense of openness and light while showcasing your wardrobe contents. With a range of glass options, finishes, and customizations available, our glass wardrobes add a touch of contemporary elegance to any room.

Topnotch Kitchens Bedrooms offers expertly crafted glass wardrobes that combine aesthetics and functionality flawlessly. Our skilled artisans use high-quality materials and precise techniques to deliver exquisite glass wardrobe solutions. Embrace our commitment to innovation, attention to detail, and personalized service as we transform your space with a stunning glass wardrobe centerpiece.

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Bespoke Glass Door Wardrobes

The entrance to your wardrobe should not just be a gateway to your belongings but a testament to your taste. Bespoke Glass Door Wardrobes do just that. Tailored to your specifications, we create personalized luxury. We ensure that every inch, every panel, reflects your vision.

The Charm of Mirrored Wardrobes

There’s a reason mirrored wardrobes are sought after. Beyond their evident elegance, they offer practical advantages – from brightening up spaces by reflecting light to serving as a full-length mirror for those outfit checks.

Our Journey with Your Vision

Understanding your dream is our first step. From choosing the type of glass to finalizing the layout, our experts ensure that your Fitted Glass Wardrobe is both a functional unit and a design marvel.

Eager to redefine your space with the sheer beauty of glass? Contact our expert designers today.

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Fitted Glass Wardrobes In London

Fitted glass wardrobes are all the rage these days for the modern, minimalist look. They’re custom-built with strong tempered glass and sleek aluminum frames, so you can neatly display your clothes and accessories while keeping an airy, open feel in the bedroom.

One of the hottest styles in London right now is the frameless fitted glass wardrobe. It’s gorgeous – just clear glass shelves and rods that seem to float in mid-air, showcasing your wardrobe contents. The tough glass ensures your clothes are safe, and the open design makes small spaces feel huge.

Frosted or patterned glass is also gaining popularity. It adds a cool design factor while still allowing light through. Etched dots, stripes or swirls create subtle texture and privacy. Frosted glass makes a soft glow to avoid harsh lighting. Both add visual punch to fitted glass wardrobes.

For frames, aluminum is a popular choice these days for its contemporary vibe. You can get black, silver, bronze, white – whatever matches your decor. Brass and nickel have a nice warm finish if you want to pair with wood floors.

Lots of storage solutions can be built right into fitted glass wardrobes too. Drawers for folded items, adjustable shelves for anything from shoes to sweaters, pull-out baskets for easy access. Whatever you need to stay organized!

The great thing with custom-built wardrobes is they’re made to measure for your exact bedroom space. This lets you maximize every inch and customize the layout to suit your storage needs. It ends up feeling like it was designed just for you!

When done right, fitted glass wardrobes make a gorgeous focal point and display in any bedroom. The minimalist open style shows off clothes in a beautiful way, and makes even small rooms feel expansive. With the right finishes and storage additions, fitted glass gives you style and practicality.

Cost of fitted glass wardrobes in London

The cost of fitted glass wardrobes in London can vary greatly depending on the size, style and level of customization. However, expect to pay anywhere from £500-£2000 for a basic ready-made glass wardrobe. Larger or more intricate bespoke designs with finishes like frosted glass or built-in drawers and shelves typically range from £2500-£5000. 

Made to measure fitted wardrobes with high-end features can cost upwards of £6000+ when installing in a London home or apartment. Luxury brands and extensive storage solutions do come at a premium.

Best fitted glass wardrobes in london

When it comes to bespoke fitted glass wardrobes in London, TopNotch Kitchen and Bedrooms stands out from the rest. As an established local company with over 15 years of experience, they have the expertise to provide exceptional quality and service.

TopNotch sets themselves apart by fully customizing every fitted glass wardrobe to match exact specifications. After an initial consultation, their designers create 3D visualizations so clients can see how the wardrobe will look installed. With made-to-measure wardrobes, every inch of space is maximized while meeting unique storage needs.

Using top-grade materials like toughened safety glass and anodized aluminum, TopNotch wardrobes are built to last. They offer a wide range of styles too – from minimalist frameless to elegant framed designs with customized finishes and features. Intricate details like integrated lighting or built-in drawers make each wardrobe special.

From start to finish, TopNotch handles the entire process professionally. Their experienced installers ensure the wardrobes are fitted precisely with no hassle. With excellent craftsmanship and customizability, it’s no wonder TopNotch Kitchen and Bedrooms is considered the premiere fitted glass wardrobes provider in London. For one-of-a-kind bespoke wardrobes, TopNotch offers the best value, service and style.