bespoke shaker Kitchens in London

Bespoke Shaker Kitchens: Perfect Fusion of Style and Functionality for London

Discover the essence of timeless elegance with bespoke Shaker kitchens by Topnotch Kitchens. Immerse yourself in the charm and simplicity of meticulously crafted kitchens that exude a sense of understated beauty.

From clean lines to exquisite craftsmanship, our bespoke Shaker kitchens embody a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.

Experience the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity as our skilled team brings your vision to life. Whether you seek a warm farmhouse ambiance or a contemporary twist on a classic design, our bespoke Shaker kitchens are tailored to reflect your unique style and elevate your culinary experience.



Bespoke Shaker kitchens embody the perfect fusion of timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship. With their clean lines, subtle detailing, and functional simplicity, these kitchens have become a beloved classic.

Handmade Cabinets and Units

What sets our kitchens apart? It’s the meticulous attention to detail found in our Handmade Cabinets and Units. From spacious drawers to elegant cupboards, each piece is handmade with care, ensuring unparalleled quality and style.

Our Design Journey

It all begins with your vision. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you, diving deep into your design preferences and functional needs. We then bring this vision to life, crafting a kitchen that perfectly encapsulates your dream.

Shaker style kitchens are classic and timeless. They focus on simplicity and functionality in design. Clean lines, flat cabinets, and natural materials define the look. Shaker kitchen is a modern take on the traditional shaker style. It mixes rustic and contemporary elements for a relaxed but functional space.

The layout and materials create an airy, welcoming kitchen. It is perfectly suited for urban living in this cosmopolitan district of London. This kitchen is an outstanding example of bringing timeless shaker design into a contemporary London home.

Elements in a Sample Shaker Kitchen

The kitchen layout is compact but efficient. It makes good use of the small space. The cabinets have a clean, streamlined look. They have flat front doors without handles. The cabinets are painted crisp white. The countertops are made of natural wood. The backsplash is white subway tile. The tile adds texture behind the sink and stove.

The appliances are all stainless steel. They include a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. The appliances contribute to the modern feel. There is an island in the center of the kitchen. The island provides extra prep and dining space. It is topped with matching wood. Three metal stools tuck neatly under the island ledge. The stools have black seats for contrast.

One wall of the kitchen is originally exposed brick. The aged red brick has character. It adds interest to the plain white cabinets. Open shelving sits on the brick wall. The shelves hold colorful cookbooks and ceramics. The ceramics have blue and white floral patterns. They add pops of color to the neutral room.

The floors are made of wide plank wood. The wood has a natural finish that fits the rustic style. A braided wool rug lies under the kitchen island. The rug makes the floor cozier. It defines the island’s cooking space.

For casual dining there is a round pedestal table. The table is placed in the corner near the window. Two wood chairs with white padding complement the table. This charming breakfast nook gets great morning light.

If you are looking for a new fitted kitchen or renovate your old kitchen then turn to us. At topnotch kitchens we not only offer the best fitted kitchens but also guarantee our workmanship for 10 years to give you the peace of mind.

Elevate your home with the timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship of bespoke Shaker kitchens by Topnotch Kitchens. Contact us today and embark on a journey of creating a kitchen that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.

Our shaker kitchen projects

When it comes to Bespoke kitchens then there are limited manufacturers who provide the top notch service. Topnotch Kitchen has been offering its best bespoke Shaker kitchens in London for the last 15 years and so. We specialize in both sleek, contemporary Shaker styles as well as more traditional design. All of our work showcases clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and smart storage solutions.

In these long years we have developed a unique ecosystem for quality workmanship with attention to the details. We take each job very seriously and create beautiful kitchens that fit your home kitchen. 

What Set Us Apart

If we have to explain ourselves in the field of fitted shaker kitchens then what sets us apart is 

  • We give meticulous attention to detail 
  • Our devotion to quality craftsmanship. 
  • Our expert team of designers, carpenters, and fitters
  • We only use premium materials like solid wood cabinets and natural stone countertops 

Each of our work is durable as well as beautiful. We create stunning and long-lasting dream kitchens.

What We Offer

We offer a wide selection of door styles, finishes, hardware, and storage options so you can fully customize your Shaker kitchen. You name it and we will create it. Our workmanship works on the basis of your vision. Whatever your vision is, we will bring it to life. Whether you envision a crisp, modern white Shaker kitchen or prefer a more classic natural wood look, we will bring your unique vision to life. 

Our work always fits the latest trends and innovations. We incorporate current styles into our kitchens, like soft-close drawers and built-in appliances.

Installing a fitted kitchen is a big task and which is why we manage the entire process for you. Our kitchen designs allow you to see your future kitchen before it’s built. Our installation team will do a smooth fitting process. And all of our craftsmanship comes with a 5-year warranty for total peace of mind.

When it comes to bespoke Shaker kitchen makers in London, Topnotch Kitchen is the best. Our expertise crafting both contemporary and traditional Shaker styles is unmatched. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and quality is evident throughout the design and installation process. For your next kitchen project in London, trust the specialists at Topnotch. You won’t find better service or results anywhere else.

We blend traditional old-world craftsmanship with a contemporary modern aesthetic. We bring you the finest British craftsmanship and attention to detail second to none.